Karla Moncada

Karla Moncada



Karla Moncada, born and raised in Honduras, brings a wealth of legal expertise to her practice as an immigration attorney. With a bachelor’s degree in law from the prestigious Catholic University of Honduras and a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the esteemed National Pedagogic University of Honduras, Mrs. Moncada has a strong academic foundation; and she has been practicing law since 2004.

Mrs. Moncada’s professional journey encompasses extensive experience in both private and public sector law, particularly in Latin America. In Honduras, she served as an integral part of the legal advising team for the President, working on matters of paramount importance. Moreover, Mrs. Moncada’s passion for education led her to become a respected law professor, imparting her knowledge in constitutional law, human rights, civil law, and family law.

Driven by her ambition and a desire to expand her legal horizons, Mrs. Moncada made the United States her new home. She obtained her Juris Doctor from Saint Thomas University and became a member of the Florida Bar. Now, as an immigration attorney, she is committed to assisting families and individuals with unwavering dedication, ensuring they receive the finest advice and representation for their immigration matters in this country.