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Nationality Law And Citizenship: Becoming An American

For some, becoming an American citizen would be a dream come true. Our immigration attorneys at the Canizares Law Group, LLC, all come from diverse backgrounds and their work is inspired and influenced by their own personal experiences. Our founding lawyer was once an immigrant herself. Claudia Canizares founded the Canizares Law Group, LLC, in Miami to help and assist others in achieving their American dreams with the process of naturalization to obtain citizenship. With decades of combined experience and thousands of cases between them, our immigration attorneys have the skills and knowledge to help you with your immigration law needs.

Advantages To Becoming An American Citizen

As an American citizen, you will have protection from deportation and will never find yourself subject to removal proceedings. American citizens have access to government benefits and programs that are available to U.S. citizens, like federal college tuition assistance programs. American citizens also have the right to vote in elections. In fact, as an American citizen, you will have the freedom to travel freely back and forth to your country of origin without worrying about reentry into the United States.

Sponsoring Family Members For Green Cards

In addition, as an American citizen, you can more easily facilitate lawful permanent residency applications and help your family members obtain green cards. The immigration laws in the United States are designed to help keep families together and reunite families that have been separated by the immigration process. As an American citizen, your sponsorship of your parents, siblings and children can enable them to achieve lawful status more quickly.

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