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A Defensive Application For Political Asylum To Avoid Deportation

At the Canizares Law Group, LLC, our experienced immigration attorneys know that sometimes, there are dangerous circumstances that cause people to flee their own country and seek refuge in another. From our office in Miami, our lawyers are committed to helping asylum seekers, individuals and families nationwide find peace and security by obtaining political asylum in the United States.

Who Can Qualify For Political Asylum?

According to United States immigration laws, you can apply for asylum if you are physically present in the U.S. or are at a port of entry to the U.S. Anyone can file for asylum if they are afraid of being prosecuted for their:

  • Race, religion or nationality
  • Political opinion or membership in a political group
  • Membership in a social group or their social activities
  • Sexual orientation

Once you arrive in the United States, you have one year to apply for asylum through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our experienced team of immigration lawyers can help you with this process.

Can You File For Asylum During The Removal Process?

Those who are granted asylum receive legal protection from the United States and do not have to return to their countries of origin. If you have been detained and are facing removal proceedings, then you can submit a defensive application and request asylum. Requesting asylum will be considered a defense against deportation and removal.

Do You Need An Asylum Lawyer? Call Now.

An asylum attorney can help you secure protection in the United States. Call our offices today at 305-686-3187 or reach out through our online form to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We offer consults over the phone, in person or online via videoconferencing. We accept credit cards as a method of payment for your consultation appointment. Se habla español.