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Bringing Your Parents And Siblings To The United States

The immigration laws for the U.S. prioritizes the reunification of families, especially when a family member is a U.S. citizen. At the Canizares Law Group, LLC, in Miami, our attorneys love when they are able to help family members reunite with their loved ones with successful family visa applications. An immigration lawyer can help you successfully file for a parent visa or sibling visa to reunite your family.

Obtaining A Parent Visa And A Green Card For Your Parents

In order to bring your parents to the United States to live with you, you must have completed the naturalization process yourself and have U.S. citizenship. To file a family petition, you will start with the I-130 form to establish your citizenship and your relationship to your parents. In the event that you were born out of wedlock, if paternity has been established, then you can still file to bring your father to the U.S. You may also file to bring your stepparents if you can prove that your birth parent was remarried before your 18th birthday.

Obtaining A Sibling Visa And A Green Card For Your Siblings

You may also file an I-130 form to establish a relationship with any siblings whom you would like to bring to the United States. You can apply for a sibling visa for siblings related through:

  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Stepparents
  • One common or biological parent

Depending on the relationship, there will be different documents and proof that you need to provide.

Waiting To Find Out About A Family Visa

Unfortunately, there is no way to bring your parents or siblings to the United States to live unless and until your family visa application is approved through consular processing. In the event that a parent or sibling visa is denied, there is a process that will allow you to appeal the immigration decision. Our attorneys will help you construct a legal strategy to give you the best chance of success for your family visa application. If an appeal ever becomes necessary, then they can assist with that as well.

Hire An Immigration Lawyer To Help With Your I-130 Visa Application

Our immigration lawyers are available on an appointment-only basis. We offer appointments in person, over the phone or online through video chats. Call our office today at 305-686-3187 to schedule your appointment. You can also reach us through our online form. Se habla español.