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Consular Processing: Visa Applications And Obtaining Waivers From Abroad

Immigration law is intricate, complicated and always changing. Successfully completing immigration applications is a challenge, but it’s even more so when an individual is attempting to do it from outside the country through a consular office. Attorney Claudia Canizares founded the Canizares Law Group, LLC, in Miami to help immigrants achieve their American dreams. Together, her team has decades of experience and has handled over 800 cases nationwide.

Traveling To The United States

Any nonimmigrant who is traveling to the United States as a tourist or for business does not need a visa if their country of origin participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). A foreign national traveler who is in the U.S. for tourism or business can stay for 90 days or less without a visa. Anyone traveling to the United States for an extended period can apply for a nonimmigrant visa, such as a student visa or employment work visa.

Consular Processing And Applying For An Immigrant Visa Abroad

Anyone living outside of the United States who would like to apply for a green card to obtain permanent residence must pursue an immigrant visa through consular processing. In other words, they must apply through the U.S. consulate. A foreign national’s eligibility for an immigrant visa will depend on the visas available in each specific immigrant category. When one becomes available in your category, you will apply through a U.S. consular office.

Applying For Consular Waivers

When a foreign national applies for a visa through a U.S. consular office and the officer has decided that the foreign national is ineligible for either an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa because that foreign national is inadmissible to the country, it might be possible for the foreign national to apply for a waiver of inadmissibility.

Call An Immigration Attorney For Help With Consular Processing

If you need assistance filing a consular waiver, our team at the Canizares Law Group, LLC, can help. We offer consultation appointments over the phone, via video chat or in person. Call our office at 305-686-3187 or send us an email to schedule your appointment today. We accept credit cards. Se habla español.