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Protecting The Rights Of Those Detained By ICE

The moment someone is detained by ICE, their life as they know it could change forever. Whether they are allowed to remain in the U.S. or they get deported hinges on one crucial factor – their legal representation. Canizares Law Group, fights to defend the rights of those held in ICE detention centers in Florida and nationwide and strives to restore justice in their lives.

What Happens When ICE Detains Someone?

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains someone, they bring them to an ICE detention center. The detention center could be solely for detained immigrants, or they could be brought to a jail or prison in which ICE rents beds. 

In the detention center, they’ll await a trial or deportation. However, most people deported from the United States don’t appear in front of a judge at all.

A detainee can be released on bond. In fact, those detained in the Krome Detention Center in Miami may have better chances of getting released on bond than those in other facilities nationwide. Judges presiding over this facility approve bond motions about 45 percent of the time.

Can You Call Someone Who Has Been Detained By ICE?

In theory, yes. ICE claims they provide detainees with reasonable and equitable phone access but don’t always uphold this standard. Detainees have reported being denied access to a phone. Phone access can depend on the facility they’re detained in. There seem to be more frequent reports of issues in facilities where ICE rents beds than those the agency runs itself.  

How Long Does ICE Detain You?

Unless a detainee is released on bond, they could wait in a detention center for weeks or months. This period could end in a trial where they’re given due process, or they could be removed from the country directly. A Miami immigration lawyer can help detainees in the area either get released on bond or ensure they don’t sit in detention for months with no action.

What Does It Mean To Be Detained By ICE?

Violating immigration law is a civil violation, not a criminal offense. Regardless, to be detained by ICE often means being treated like a criminal. It also means that detainees need legal intervention to ensure their rights are protected and they aren’t unjustly removed from the country.

Talk To An Immigration Law Attorney Today

If someone close to you has been detained by ICE in the Miami area, contact a Miami Krome Detention attorney. Our legal team at Canizares Law Group, is standing by and ready to help. To schedule a consultation with one of us, call our office at 305-686-3187 or request an appointment online. Se habla español.