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Filing A Petition For Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

When conditions in a country deteriorate to the point where it’s not safe to live there anymore, the United States offers refuge through a nonimmigrant visa called Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Our immigration attorneys at the Canizares Law Group, LLC, in Miami, have helped thousands of clients throughout the U.S. file for the necessary immigration petitions and protections necessary to remain safely in the United States.

What Is Temporary Protected Status?

The United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) allows for TPS when there are conditions in the foreign national’s home country that will not allow them to safely return to it. The USCIS keeps an ongoing list of countries that are currently designated for TPS. TPS may be granted for events like:

  • Ongoing war or armed conflicts
  • Environmental disasters
  • Other extraordinary conditions

Under TPS, foreign nationals may not be deported and do not have to face a removal proceeding. They are allowed to secure employment in the United States and may even be authorized to travel outside the U.S.

Does TPS Allow For An Opportunity To Apply For A Green Card?

TPS does not allow you to apply for lawful permanent resident (LPR) status (green card). However, you are able to apply for other available nonimmigrant statuses. In the event that another nonimmigrant status may apply, those who have been granted TSP may apply and file a petition for an adjustment of status. Political asylum is another likely option for a foreign national who is currently in the country under TPS.

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